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ANT 8975 - Jogani Relaxation Therapy Device

Music has power to connect our heart and soul. This smart device gives soothing and calming sound which reduce our thought frequency, leads toward mental relaxation and pleasant feeling immediately. Experience relaxation therapy by playing thisindigenous musical instrument- ANT 8975. Sound healing and sound therapies are age-old wellness remedies used and appreciated by great musician, healers and therapists. This elegant musical instrument is modernized by Jogani Wellness for sound healers, natural therapists and all wellness enthusiasts. ANT 8975 Is a great help in daily stress reliving, relaxation and rejuvenation of mind body and soul. Enjoy every day melodious sound that’s easy to play and touch your soul instantly!

ANT 8975 is designed intelligently and hand crafted as a piece of art. It gives classic antique look to your living room, office or anywhere you place it. This beautiful sound therapy instrument act as icing on the cake to your ambience and interior decoration.

Jogani’s sound therapy instrument creates divine sound with positive vibes, instantly transforms your inner state of mind from stress to relax, from anxious to mindfulness. You may play it at the comfort of your time and place. Daily use of ANT 8975 helps in holistic health, healing and wellness.

You may enjoy this device during your work intervals or at your free time. Play as your desire or the way you like is fine. No expertise required. Just play and experience the power of music and positive vibes come from it. Playing Jogani relaxation therapy device will help students for a better concentration and memory improvement. It will help in regular stress relief and relaxation in busy urban life lead to improved productivity and higher performance for all.

ANT 8975 is helpful in sleep related issues and it improves quality of sleep. Practice regular yoga, meditation and use of this instrument will improve all wellness parameters and quality of life. This device is very helpful for spiritual journey as well, you may practice vipassana, zen meditation, kriyadhyana sound healing, music therapy and many other scientific mindfulness practices, or just for have fun and relaxation right now right here!

Let’s play music to experience magic!
  • This Relaxation Therapy device utilises the Power of bells and music to heal your soul and body.
  • The device has been modernised brilliantly such that it produces a soothing and calming sound.
  • The sound that the device creates immediately relaxes the mind, reduces thought and leaves you with a happy feeling.
  • The concept of sound healing on which this product has been based is ancient.
  • Jogani Wellness has used its ingenuity and creative inputs to turn this concept into a portable and modern device that you can use freely at your home without causing any trouble.
  • What is more interesting about this product is its antique look. Thus, you can keep it anywhere in your office or home and it will also help in increasing the classiness of your interiors.