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ANT 8977 - Mineral Crystal for Healing

These Divine Mineral Crystals are hand mined from the mountain range of the holy Himalayas. These Divine Mineral Crystals are residue of million of year old Primal Ocean from which all life come from. Mineral Crystal for Healing is naturally charged and crystallized up to 250 million years. All Crystals are certified for healing and other natural therapy Benefits. Mineral Crystal for Healing are hand crafted and hand packed for you with love and bless.

Mineral Crystal for Healing including super positive energy and cleansing all type of negative energy, removes energy blocks and help in free flow of energy across all bodies and spaces. These Live and Bio 100% active Himalayan Salt Crystals proven solution for vastu corrections and feng shui. Energy Crystals are recommended for Pranic Healing, Reiki, Meditation and all types of healing therapies and spirtual practices. Mineral Crystal for Healing are also helpful in reducing electromagnetic radiation.

    A Very Helpful for Yoga, Meditation and Natural Therapies
  • Super Positive Mineral Crystal
  • Helpful for Energy (Aura) Cleansing Pranic
  • Healing, Chakra Cleansing Therapies
  • Removes Negative Energy
  • Very useful in Reiki and Pranik Healing
  • Benificial for Prana Shuddhi Kriya
  • Protects from Electromagnetic RadiationRemoves Energy Blocks, Vastu Corrections
  • Inducing Super Positive Energy
  • Helps in free Flow of Energy
  • Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation